Thursday, September 10, 2009

Phnom Penh Weekend Poker Tournaments

For tournament specialists this may prove to be a pretty profitable way to spend your weekend. Phnom Penh rarely offers poker tournaments with a buy-in of more than $20 and the fields are small. If Nagaworld can sell this event out first place should be close to $2,000!!

It even says there may be a $15 Satellite to get in. Hmmmmm. Turn $15 dollars into $2,000? It's definately worth a try!

See you Saturday and Sunday.

Available Cash Games in Phnom Penh

Above is a copy of the flyers being distriuted at Nagaworld. These games look like there may be some real possibility of winning some cash. If Naga can tap into their asian clients it will be exciting to hit the felt! While opening night was all foreigners, I think as Texas Hold Em sets it's roots in Phnom Penh we will see a nice (profitable) mix for any experienced player.

Texas Hold 'Em Finally Comes to Phnom Penh

If your a serious poker player and you want to play for higher stakes than the usual back room bar game, or are completely frustrated with getting an internet signal long enough not to time out this outta be great news for you!

Nagaworld Hotel has officially opened a four table poker room offering cash games and tournaments.

The casino has been operating for over a decade and has decided to include texas hold em because of its increasing popularity in Asia. Macau has exploded it's poker business and Korea and the philipines aren't far behind.

The great thing about this news is a sometimes boring nightlife in Phnom Penh can be spiced up with a friendly poker game in a safe enviroment. But most importantly if you want to play higher stakes than the local games this is the place, and who knows - you may find yourself sitting across from a chinese high roller just looking to blow off some steam and maybe $500!

Here is some information about the desired direction of the room:
Live Games
Naga Poker Club
Upcoming Promotions

I hope to see fellow poker players enjoying their time and getting a regular game together.